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Just Launched! New Coaching Program Partnership with Access Coaching Collective

LeaderBridge is partnering with Access Coaching Collective this fall to connect eight nonprofit leaders to equity-centered leadership coaching. The leaders include seven LeaderBridge alums and one Crimsonbridge community partner leader.

We have consistently heard from LeaderBridge alums that coaching is a highly-desired resource to support their continued growth and development as leaders. Coaching can provide individualized, tailored support for leaders in a way that other professional development opportunities cannot. However, there are barriers to accessing coaching, including the time needed to research and identify a qualified coach who is a good match for the leader’s goals and personality. For some leaders, approaching their board about devoting organizational resources to leadership development can be an intimidating barrier to participation.

That is where Access Coaching Collective comes in. Access Coaching Collective recruits and vets a diverse roster of coaches, and coaching participants can choose a coach that resonates with their interests and growth areas. In this pilot program, leaders will participate in six virtual coaching sessions over four months.

“Coaching is a resource that many nonprofit leaders want, and there is a role for philanthropy in making it more accessible,” shared Danielle M. Reyes, President & CEO of Crimsonbridge Foundation. “We are excited to partner with Access Coaching Collective to bridge this gap in leadership development for our region’s nonprofit sector.”


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