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I am a strong believer in integration, collaboration and inclusiveness in order to achieve a broader impact. I am certain that spaces like this, where knowledge and ideas are shared, are the best way to create real social and economic transformation.

Paty Funegra, LeaderBridge 2016, Nonprofit Management Executive Certificate 

Founder and CEO

Kitchen of Purpose 

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This program has strengthened my leadership skills through exposure to executive-level management information and skills, building a network of professional leaders who can provide support in my leadership challenges, and in facilitating small-group conversations on leadership development such as through the Crimsonbridge scholarship awardee lunch. While there are many other useful and impactful leadership programs available, this program's focus on nonprofit leadership and the nuanced aspects of the non-profit sphere make it particularly useful. 

Ari PakLeaderBridge 2019, Nonprofit Management Executive Certificate and Rising Leaders Program

Senior Continuous Quality Improvement Specialist

Forum for Youth Investment  

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I became a more effective manager and competent leader in the non-profit field and was able to build strong and lasting connections.

Blanca AgudeloLeaderBridge 2019, Rising Leaders Program

Program Manager

Latino Student Fund 

Now more than ever we need to have a seat at the table and our voices need to be at the forefront within the nonprofit sector.

Ana AcevedoLeaderBridge 2020, Nonprofit Management Executive Certificate

Manager of Operations and Communications

The Family Place 

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Lee, Andrew.png

I found this training to be invaluable, deeply inspiring, and Sandy and Nazar to be incredible and dynamic coaches and facilitator. She always had an encouraging word and is deeply passionate about the approach.

Andrew LeeLeaderBridge 2022, Public Narrative Training and Positive Intelligence Program 

Executive Director

DC Strings Workshop

Spending time with a group of fierce, committed, leaders has been wonderful. I highly recommend Bob and the Positive Intelligence program for anyone curious about how to incorporate daily practices that will make you a steady, compassionate, and skillful leader.

Diana OrtizLeaderBridge 2021, Nonprofit Management Executive Certificate and Positive Intelligence Program

CEO and President


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21. Michelle Edwards.jpg

Coaching with Bob truly gave me hope. He used the language of Positive Intelligence to help me get true clarity about my next steps and how my saboteurs and sage are warring against one another. 

Dr. Michelle EdwardsLeaderBridge 2022, Public Narrative Training and Positive Intelligence Program 

Former Executive Director, Live It Learn It

Principal, Idari Collective 

The first couple of months in my new role felt daunting and I experienced imposter syndrome. However, thanks to the Certificate Program, I learned that some of the challenges I had been facing were challenges that other executive directors 5-10 years into their roles were still facing. I feel more confident now as a result of the Certificate Program.

Rafael Woldeab, LeaderBridge 2022 - Nonprofit Management Executive Certificate
Executive Director
City Blossoms 

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Nguyen Klockner, Chrissey.jpg

As I transition into a new role at the Carlos Rosario School as Chief of Staff, I feel like the program validated and rounded out my near decade of experience in the nonprofit sector. The curriculum was relevant to my organization’s challenges and opportunities, and the capstone project will be really impactful in determining the direction the school takes to pursue the opportunity of geographic expansion. 

Chrissey Nguyen Klockner, LeaderBridge 2023 - Nonprofit Management Executive Certificate and BIPOC Leadership Development Cohort
Chief of Staff
Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School

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