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Originally launched as the Crimsonbridge Leadership Fund in 2016, LeaderBridge is a nonprofit leadership development initiative of the Crimsonbridge Foundation. A 501(c)3 Operating Foundation, the Crimsonbridge Foundation applies an entrepreneurial approach to philanthropy to develop innovative grant programs and collaborate with partners in Education, Leadership, and Capacity Building. LeaderBridge was born out of our partnerships and engagement with nonprofit leaders working in the Greater Washington region. It is a response and an initiative, informed directly by leaders and their professional development interests. 

LeaderBridge is staffed by the Crimsonbridge Foundation, whose staff work together with leaders and program partners to design new programs, create inclusive outreach strategies, and connect more nonprofit leaders to leadership development opportunities. Through all these efforts, we believe that together we can advance the impact of an established, growing, and diverse network of nonprofit leaders who are leading our region. 


Caitlin works with private sector partners and supports LeaderBridge outreach and communications.

Danielle leads and oversees the development of LeaderBridge partnerships, programming, and network development.

Gabriela is the founding investor of LeaderBridge.
She leads the branding and website design and collaborates on program development.

Robyn works with nonprofit program partners and supports LeaderBridge outreach and communications.  

Danielle oversees LeaderBridge contracts and grants management.

Sarah supports LeaderBridge outreach and communications

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