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The LeaderBridge Network® is an evolving piece of the LeaderBridge initiative. Stay informed and connected!  A thriving network is informed and actively connected by its members. Learn about new alumni-only programming, peer updates, and other opportunities here on the website and by reading our emails via MailChimp. Share your success! Help us promote your leadership and celebrate the success and achievements of your organization by sharing your updates with us.


For the latest on alumni accolades, promotions, and career changes, visit Alumni Updates

Share Feedback or Program Ideas!

LeaderBridge's work has always been informed directly by leaders. We welcome feedback and suggestions as we continue to develop opportunities for alumni.


Have feedback or program ideas? Career updates? Want to share a LeaderBridge opportunity with a peer leader?  This page is your one-stop shop to communicate with the LeaderBridge Team. It is one of the many tools we use to listen and gather information to serve and promote the incredible leaders in this network.

We care about what you think!

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Got career updates?

We love highlighting and sharing the news of LeaderBridge alumni growth and success. So, if you haven't already, please let us know where we can find you on social media and share your latest career moves!

Career Change Updates

Please take the time to update your contact information below. 


Share with a friend! 

LeaderBridge alumni make the best ambassadors. Some people need encouragement to apply. Share an opportunity with a friend and let them know that this program needs their experience and expertise! 

Have you heard of LeaderBridge? It's an initiative that helps connect local nonprofit leaders of color and diverse backgrounds with professional development opportunities. I thought your experience and expertise would fit well with one of the leadership programs. I hope you'll consider applying or sharing the opportunity with a colleague or friend. The LeaderBridge Team is available to answer any questions you might have. 

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