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New Strengths Leadership Coaching Program Engages Leaders of Color

Eight leaders join the first-ever LeaderBridge cohort offered by Dr. Andre Samuels of Apogee Executive Coaching. This six-month program aims to enhance leadership effectiveness, foster team cohesion, optimize organizational performance, and build positive external relationships. Program components include 10 coaching sessions, two individual assessments, two in-person cohort convenings, and a personalized leadership development plan. 


LeaderBridge is pleased to welcome these leaders to the Network®: 

LeaderBridge® is a comprehensive leadership initiative of the Crimsonbridge Foundation that works together with nonprofit leaders and program partners to meet the leadership development interests of leaders of color and of diverse backgrounds to foster a more connected and collaborative leadership network. The LeaderBridge Network® consists of over 175 leaders who are making an impact in the Greater Washington region since 2016. 


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