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New LeaderBridge Partnerships with Apogee and Idari Collective Integrate Coaching and Care for Leaders

LeaderBridge® announces two new program partnerships with Apogee Executive

Coaching and The Idari Collective. These program cohorts will serve a total of 15 Washington, DC area nonprofit leaders, through distinct combinations of leadership coaching, skills development, and self-care strategies. 

Strengths Leadership Coaching 

Led by Dr. Andre Samuels of Apogee Executive Coaching, the Strengths Leadership Coaching Program is a comprehensive six-month initiative designed exclusively for nonprofit leaders of color in the greater Washington DC region. Combined with individual assessments and executive coaching sessions, this program aims to enhance leadership skills, foster team cohesion, optimize organizational performance, and cultivate positive external relationships. 


Dr. Michelle Edwards, founder of The Idari Collective, designed Self-ology to be a transformative seven-week journey tailored for women leaders of color working full-time at locally based nonprofit organizations. This unique program provides participants with a supportive space to cultivate inner strength, explore their purpose, and prioritize self-nurturance and self-care while advancing their organizations' missions. 


“Nonprofit leaders consistently express interest in programs that offer coaching and self-care strategies to support their leadership,” says Danielle M. Reyes, President & CEO of the Crimsonbridge Foundation. “Through the LeaderBridge program, we work to remove barriers that might delay or limit leadership development participation by researching, vetting and curating available programs, identifying coaches, and providing funding.” 


Strengths Leadership Coaching and Self-ology are among 10 leadership program providers working with Crimsonbridge Foundation’s LeaderBridge initiative to increase the availability of and participation in leadership development programs.

Founded in 2016, LeaderBridge is a comprehensive leadership initiative of the Crimsonbridge Foundation. It works with nonprofit leaders and program providers to meet the leadership development interests of leaders of color, and other under-represented identities, to foster a more representative and connected leadership landscape in the Greater Washington region.  


To date, LeaderBridge has engaged nearly 200 nonprofit leaders who identify as Asian, Black, Hispanic, leaders of color, and other underrepresented identities in one or more leadership programs since 2016. Interested in joining the initiative to support leadership development in DC area as a funder, program partner, or participant? Contact or visit  


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