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LeaderBridge Welcomes 5 Leaders from the 2022 Positive Intelligence Cohort

For a second year, LeaderBridge has partnered with nonprofit coach and consultant Bob Wittig to support the participation of local nonprofit leaders in the Positive Intelligence Program.

This spring’s five LeaderBridge participants include Marta Del Cid of Horizons Greater Washington, Cindy Umaña of College Success Foundation DC, Ericka Best of Center for Nonprofit Advancement, Jordan Paige of Ayuda, and Justine Quintana of Capital Partners for Education. The Positive Intelligence Program helps leaders increase self-awareness, develop and strengthen self-command, and build mental fitness muscles that enable them to stop negative thinking and self-limiting beliefs that lead to reactive and negative responses to people, situations, or challenges. Participants learn how to handle challenges with positive emotions and a clear and calm mind, unlocking their potential (and that of their teams) as leaders. The Program also includes coaching.


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