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Crimsonbridge Leadership Fund Scholarships for Georgetown’s Nonprofit Management Executive Cer

Launched in 2016 in partnership with Georgetown University’s Center for Public & Nonprofit Leadership (CPNL), the Crimsonbridge Leadership Fund provides full and partial scholarships for nonprofit leaders to attend the Nonprofit Management Executive Certificate Program. These scholarships are available for senior and executive level leaders of diverse backgrounds who are working at locally-based and locally-serving nonprofit organizations in the Greater Washington Region.

Offered both in the winter and the summer, the Nonprofit Management Executive Certificate Program is designed as an experiential leadership lab. The week-long summer session provides a stimulating and supportive climate for exploring the pressing issues that current and future nonprofit leaders face. The program also gives participants the opportunity to become part of a network of nonprofit leaders committed to working across organizations, communities, and sectors to address public needs.

To date, more than a dozen nonprofit leaders have received support from the Crimsonbridge Leadership Fund and have worked on a range of capstone projects from board development to succession planning. The feedback from leaders has been extremely positive. As stated by Patricia Funegra, Founder and CEO of La Cocina VA who participated in 2016, “I am a strong believer in integration, collaboration, and inclusiveness to achieve a broader impact. I am certain that spaces like this, where knowledge and ideas are shared, are the best way to create real social and economic transformation.”

The Crimsonbridge Leadership Fund is administered by the staff of the CPNL. Nonprofit leaders interested in learning more or applying to both the Nonprofit Management Executive Certificate Program and the Crimsonbridge Leadership Fund should apply directly to the CPNL. Please note, the deadline to apply to the summer 2017 session is May 1, 2017.


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